10 Pretty Deviled Egg Recipes for Every Occasion

June 14, 2019 (Last Updated: November 3, 2020)

Deviled eggs are absolutely, positively, without a single, little doubt, my very favorite appetizer. I serve them at every party, I make them just for myself as an evening snack, I spice them just perfectly and garnish them with edible flowers… yes, even for no one but me.

12 deviled eggs on a marble plate garnished with daisies and mustard caviar.

Deviled Eggs are such a sweet way to show someone I care about them, and a simple little present to give myself. They’re something special I can make that always gets a big smile and wide eyes from friends.

They’re simply lovely, and always the stars of my cocktail parties, so I’ve developed recipes for every occasion, every mood, every party decor, every fancy flavor pairing. What can I say? I simply love them and want to share 10 of my prettiest deviled egg recipes with you!

3 deviled eggs on a marble table with pink filling and garnished with baby's breath and sprouts.

1. Spicy, Smoky Deviled Eggs

These smoky deviled eggs are nice and spicy, dreamily creamy and absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself! Spiced with smoked Spanish paprika, cayenne pepper and Old Bay seasoning around the rim, they’re original, so special, fantastically delicious and so incredibly easy to make! No grill required!

3 deviled eggs with a spiced rim on a marble plate, garnished with a flower and olive, with flowers in the background.

Get the Spicy, Smoky Deviled Eggs Recipe

2. Adorable Deviled Quail Deviled Eggs

This deviled quail eggs recipe is so simple, adorable and incredibly tasty! Your teeny, tiny little eggs can be served all on their own, or used to garnish luxurious salads and appetizers!

6 deviled quail eggs garnished with flake salt on a marble table with baby's breath flowers in the corners.

Get the Deviled Quail Deviled Eggs Recipe

3. Multi-Colored Deviled Eggs

Multi-colored deviled eggs are so simple to create and look so pretty! Deviled eggs with the egg white dyed is fairly common, but I’ve never really liked the look, myself. I think a multi-colored filling is more unexpected and fun.  

A multi-colored deviled egg on a plate with a few others, garnished with a carrot frond.

Get the Multi-Colored Deviled Eggs Recipe

4. Romantic Valentine’s Day Deviled Eggs

Want to create the prettiest Valentine’s Day deviled eggs? All you need is some mustard, mayo, creamy horseradish and a little drop of dye or all-natural beet juice color. They’re so pretty, they’ll make cupid’s wing flutter!

A deviled egg with red filling, garnished with sprouts, radishes, flowers and poppy seeds on a white marble table.

Get the Romantic Valentine’s Day Deviled Eggs Recipe

5. Spicy Deviled Eggs with Chipotle

These gorgeous, spicy deviled eggs are delicately seasoned with chipotle chili pepper, cayenne pepper and Spanish smoked paprika and garnished with a few, bright, edible marigold petals – making them the prettiest appetizers at your next, colorful cocktail party!

Deviled eggs garnished with marigold petals, spices and leaves on a marble table.

Get the Spicy Deviled Eggs with Chipotle Recipe

6. Pink Easter Deviled Eggs

These precious, pink Easter deviled eggs are as tasty as they are pretty! They make such whimsical, adorable Easter appetizers and will perfectly complete your colorful menu! They require just 5 ingredients and a little bit of time. They’re also perfect for a baby shower or bridal shower!

3 deviled eggs on a marble table with pink filling and garnished with baby's breath and sprouts.

Get the Pink Easter Deviled Eggs Recipe

7. Merry Little Christmas Deviled Eggs

These merry little Christmas deviled eggs are so cute, so festive and incredibly tasty! All you need are a few pink pepper corns and a few parsley leaves to make these jolly appetizers.

A deviled egg garnished with pink peppercorns and parsley, surrounded by other deviled eggs and asparagus.

Get the Merry Little Christmas Deviled Eggs Recipe

8. Two-Tone Curry Deviled Eggs with Daisies

These two-toned curry deviled eggs are so elegant with their pretty ribbons of yellow, and extra pretty when topped with tiny English daisies and mustard caviar!

12 deviled eggs on a marble plate garnished with daisies and mustard caviar.

Get the Two-Tone Curry Deviled Eggs with Daisies Recipe

9. Adorable Halloween Deviled Eggs

Don’t just add horns to your Halloween deviled eggs, add little red bell pepper wings to really give these precious appetizers some devilish character! They’re so easy to make and will be the fiendishly cutest appetizers at your Halloween party!

3 deviled eggs garnished with horns and wings made of red pepper on a marble board.

Get the Adorable Halloween Deviled Eggs Recipe

10. Simply Elegant Dill Deviled Eggs

These dill deviled eggs are delightfully tangy and so very simple to prepare! All you need is a little dill mustard, creamy horseradish and mayo to whip up these tasty little conversation pieces.

3 deviled eggs on a marble slate, garnished with a sprig of fresh dill, next to prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

These are 10 of my very favorite, perfectly lovely, incredibly tasty deviled egg recipes, but you’ll find even more deviled eggs on this site if you want even more!

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