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10 Elegant Autumn Cocktails

September 18, 2018 (Last Updated: July 26, 2019)

It may still feel like summer, but Autumn is right around the corner, so I’ve gathered 10 of my very favorite Autumn cocktail recipes, perfect for your Halloween, Thanksgiving, perfectly cozy, elegantly spooky, delightfully seasonal cocktail parties!

A cocktail in a gold-rimmed glass, garnished with eucalyptus on a dark table.

10 Elegant Autumn Cocktails

Autumn is my very favorite season! I love the smell, I love the color, I love finally being able to walk outside without slathering myself in SPF 100 (I’m virtually a vampire, it’s quite necessary in the summer months).

I love everything about the Fall, and most of all, I love that people are starting to move inside and get cozy. My summer BBQs give way to candle-lit dinner parties and cocktail parties, and it gives me a chance to come up with new treats that are more elegant than the year before!

Give these gorgeous cocktails a shake at your next cozy cocktail party!

1. The Constant Comment Hot Toddy

A transparent tea cup filled with Hot Toddy, with a silver tea infuser sitting inside with a few cinnamon sticks. It's garnished with an orange slice sitting on top and a little left played on top of the orange.
This Constant Comment Hot Toddy is not a traditional recipe. Usually, a Hot Toddy calls for a tea like Earl Grey or Chamomile – and some don’t include tea at all. I use Constant Comment for my tea and it’s so much better than any other tea for a Hot Toddy!

It’s flavored with orange peel, clove, and a touch of cinnamon that reminds me of waking up to the smell of Park Slope fireplaces and crunchy leaves in Brooklyn.

2. The “Blackberry Raven” Lambrusco Cocktail

This “Blackberry Raven” Lambrusco Cocktail is a little sparkly, a little sweet and perfect for a spooky Halloween signature! I suggest using either a single black berry, blackberry and lychee, or if you want your cocktail to have an aromatic flair, add a little fresh eucalyptus garnish like I’ve done.

3. The “White Pumpkin” Cocktail

A white cocktail with a gold rim, garnished with spice and small flowers with a white pumpkin in the background.

Want to keep Halloween classy? Try this elegant little vanilla, honey, pumpkin-spiced White Pumpkin Cocktail at your next cocktail party. I suggest using a simple, seasonal, flowery wisp for a garnish with this cocktail. Just something delicate in the tones of Fall.

4. The “Candy Corn” Cocktail

A cocktail garnished with dry flowers on a black table sprinkled with 3 candy corns.

If you want to serve fancy cocktails at your halloween party this year, give this sweet little Butterscotch Candy Corn Cocktail a shake!

If you’d like to make this beautiful garnish yourself, you’ll just need a lovely dry rose and a few other dry accent flowers. Simply pierce them through with your cocktail pin.

5. The “Tangerine Daisy” Cocktail

A cocktail in a glass with a gold rim, a garnish of daisies pressed into a slice of lemon with cloves, sitting on a black table with sliced lemons and dry flowers around it

This medicinal little Tangerine Daisy Whisky Cocktail is perfect for when you’re craving a hot toddy, but your fever is a little too high. It’s citrusy, a little sweet and a little sparkly. If you’re wondering how to make a pretty little garnish like this, it’s quite simple.

All you have to do is make a little hole in the center of a small lemon slice with a tooth pick and pull some tiny daisies through, leaving some of the stem to poke through the bottom.

6. The “Phantom Love Song” Sake Cocktail

A clear cocktail in a gold-rimmed glass, garnished with white ghost berries on a black table, sprinkled with a few loose ghost berries.

This eerily romantic Phantom Love Song Sake Cocktail is essentially a French Gimlet that’s smoother, more delicate and perfect for an elegant Halloween party!  Garnish this cocktail with Ghost berries!

They’re in season in late September and October, and make the most gorgeous Halloween “ghostly” garnish!

7. The Morticia Addams Cocktail

A red cocktail in a martini glass on a black table, garnished with 2 dry sprigs of a dry, seeded grass.

This crimson, creepily classy Morticia Addams Cocktail is made with sake, hard cider and a devilishly delightful hibiscus liqueur called Sorel. I found the garnish in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. They were part of these tall, grassy, seeded strands.

8. The “September Heatwave” Cocktail

A cocktail on a black table, garnished with small flowers and 3 olives.

If you like your whisky cocktails with a peachy, lemon sweetness and a spicy edge, you’ll love this “September Heatwave” Cocktail!  I used crushed red pepper to give this tasty little cocktail the perfect spicy zing!

9. The “Autumn Afternoon” Whisky Cocktail

This Autumn Afternoon Whisky Cocktail is like an orchard of apples and oranges on a crispy, sunny afternoon, made with rye, hard apple cider, Grand Marnier and cinnamon.

I sliced a green apple as thinly as I could, then quickly gave the pieces a spritz of lemon so they wouldn’t brown. I then fanned and set them very carefully on the cube. I also took a trip down the street to pull those awesome little baby pinecones off a tree!

10. A “Miss Fisher’s Mystery “Cocktail

An orange cocktail in a gold-rimmed glass, garnished with a dry flower with leaves on a black table.

Want to make a delicious whisky cocktail with a dash of orange, lemon, strawberry, maple and mystery? This Miss Fisher’s Mystery Cocktail is perfect for a misty, moonlit Autumn’s eve.

My very favorite show is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and since her favorite spirit is whisky, I thought I’d make a whisky cocktail for her with ingredients that are a little tricky to place.

I hope you enjoy shaking up every single one of these lovely Autumn cocktails!

For more inspiration, follow me on INSTAGRAM @shekeepsalovelyhome, on PINTEREST and FACEBOOK! And if you ever make any of my tasty drinks or treats, take a picture and tag me. I want to see! 

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