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5 Delicious Signature Cocktails for Your Party

June 5, 2018 (Last Updated: July 8, 2020)

The best signature party cocktails are the ones that aren’t too complex, too sweet or too strong and make for perfect pre-dinner and post-dinner drinks.

They should go down easy, shouldn’t be too adventurous and should be elegant in their simplicity. The goal is to hear “that sounds lovely” from as many gusts as you can tempt. These are my very favorite cocktails for your loveliest affairs!

A Lychee cocktail on a dark table, garnished with a lychee and cherry blossoms.

These Are My Top 5 Signature Cocktails

The ones that have gotten the most requests for seconds, thirds and fourth rounds and are some the easiest cocktails to create. They’re elegant, beautiful and fantastically tasty.

Tip! For cocktail parties, always pre-mix your signatures. I know it may seem less-fancy, but you really don’t want to be juicing and mixing cocktails away from your guests all night.

A gimlet, perfectly measured, mixed and stored in a glass bottle in the fridge the day of the party will be just as delicious as if the limes were freshly squeezed before serving. I promise. Simply pour your pre-mixed cocktails, shake with ice, garnish and serve.

#1. Prosecco With an Elegant GarnishA glass of bubbly prosecco with a small fork piercing a blackberry for garnish with white flowers at its base on a black table.

A closeup of a blackberry pierced with a small fork balanced on a prosecco glass

I have prosecco at every single one of my cocktail or dinner parties, usually as a companion to another signature. I find it’s nice to offer more than one drink, just in case a guest isn’t feeling the signature I’ve selected for the evening. But prosecco can be used as a fantastic backup or the signature itself!

With a beautiful garnish or a dash of fresh honeydew juice, St Germain or Chambord, you have an elegant, light and bubbly signature that no one will refuse.

#2. The French Gimlet

A cocktail with a gold rim, garnished with hydrangea flowers on a black table.

Find the French Gimlet the recipe here

My second favorite signature is the French Gimlet. It’s a simple cocktail that’s so refined. Lime, St. Germain and gin. That’s all there is to it, but be careful. You really want to follow the recipe to the letter.

A little too much of any ingredient can make this cocktail too sour or too sweet. The measurements really are defined to perfection.

Be sure to frost your glasses for this cocktail and although a garnish is not common, a single sprig of thyme or light colored flowers turns this cocktail into something so divine.

# 3 The Lychee Martini

A flower and lychee garnish in a cocktail.

Find the Lychee Martini recipe here

This martini is so delicate, slightly sweet and feminine. The ingredients are simply sake and lychee juice, garnished with a lychee and flowers. This cocktail is one of the easiest to prepare, and least expensive to make for a large group (depending on your sake).

Unlike flavored Prosecco or the French Gimlet, this cocktail tends to be drank rather than sipped if guests aren’t careful. It’s so delicious and deceptively light, so be sure to serve this cocktail in small glasses so guests take their time.

#4 The “Distract-a-Bee”

A cocktail in a coup glass, garnished with candied ginger on a black table next to 2 roses.

Find the Distract-a-Bee recipe here

This one is extra special. If you’re keeping your appetizers on the light side and want the star of the show to be your signature, serve this Distract-a-Bee cocktail.

Honey syrup, ginger syrup, St. Germain, gin, lemon and rosewater make this cocktail sweet, but not too sweet, ginger spicy, but not too spicy and the rose water adds such a delightful summer aroma that would certainly “distract a bee.”

You can serve this cocktail in coup glasses or in tumblers with a large, single ice cube and piece of candied ginger for garnish.

#5 The White Rosemary Rose

A cocktail in a martini glass on a black table, garnished with a few small spray roses.

A closeup of small roses on the edge of a martini glass.

Find the Rosemary Rose recipe here

This cocktail is so dreamy, lightly floral and gently herbal. It’s definitely an original signature. When you describe the ingredients to your guests, you’ll see their eyes begin to beam.

Coconut-almond milk, white rum, and a tiny splash of Malibu muddled with honey and rosemary.

I give this cocktail a spritz of rosewater like the Distract-a-Bee to make it really special. Serve this cocktail in frosted martini glasses or in tall tumblers with ice and either a few spray roses or a sprig of rosemary for garnish.

And there you have it! My favorite signature cocktails. I really do love these but I’m always looking for new ones. Let me know which cocktails you like to serve at your cocktail parties!

And for more inspiration, follow me on INSTAGRAM @shekeepsalovelyhome, on PINTEREST and FACEBOOK! And if you ever make any of my tasty drinks or treats, take a picture and tag me. I want to see! 

These are my top 5 signature cocktails; the ones that have gotten the most requests for seconds, thirds and fourth rounds and are some the easiest cocktails to create. They’re elegant, beautiful and fantastically tasty.

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  • Reply
    Lorilyn Darce
    March 26, 2019 at 1:39 am

    Hi Genevieve!
    I’m hosting my Mothers Tea in May and usually serve a light drink to start. I was looking at your Lychee Martini. I don’t know a lot about sake or lychees. Can you recommend a sake? Also where do you find the lychee? Is that something in a jar or can? Thank you for the beautiful ideas!

    • Reply
      Genevieve Morrison
      March 26, 2019 at 1:51 am

      Oh how nice! I can recommend a perfect brand: Gekkeikan sake. It’s perfect because it’s not only delicious, it’s also not very expensive so if you have to make a lot of these cocktails, it won’t break the bank! It’s nice and light, a little dry and very delicate. You should be able to find it at most liquor stores as it’s a fairly common brand. And when it comes to lychees, simply pick up a can in your canned fruit isle at the grocery store. You’ll want to use the juice that’s in the can with the lychees in the martinis. When I make these at parties, I add ice to my cocktail shaker, then pour the sake about ¾ths high into it, then I add about ¼th of the lychee juice. I give it a good shake, pour, garnish and serve. Your guests will simply love them!

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