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A Baby’s Breath-Inspired Winter Dinner Party

January 15, 2018 (Last Updated: July 8, 2020)

Decorating in mid-late winter is a little tricky because there’s no real holiday to design around, no seasonal decor that simply says “mid-late winter.” That’s why I decided to use Baby’s Breath to add a snowy little element to the affair.

A mantle with a vintage wedding photo, a vintage clock and various vases holding baby's breath and greenery.

On the Menu! A garden-inspired appetizer tray full of treats, dill & thyme deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, my favorite lychee martinis, Beef Bourguignon with roasted brussels sprouts and baked mashed potatoes, and a Grand Mariner flan for dessert!

Baby’s Breath is often thought of as just a flower to floof up a bouquet of other, more “exciting” flowers, but I like to use it both in colorful bouquets, and as the main event. I find it’s such a pretty, delicate, snowy little flower that’s perfect for Winter dinner and cocktail party decorating.

A dining room table set with plates, napkins, glasses, candles and a baby's breath bouquet with yellow roses.

I decorated my table with a simple little centerpiece of Baby’s Breath and a few left over dry spray roses that I used to decorate my Christmas tree.

If you have a round vase like this and want to make a nice, poofy centerpiece, here’s the trick. Use masking tape to make a little grid across the top. Then place your flowers into the holes in the grid. It keeps everything perfectly placed.

A tarnished silver bowl with tape criss crossed on top to make a grid with yellow roses in the background on a table.

A bouquet with baby's breath and yellow roses on a table.

I used a little more Baby’s Breath for my napkins and cocktail garnishes to tie it all together.

A closeup of a blue and gold napkin ring holding napkin with baby's breath tucked into the napkin on a plate.

I also put a few little flowers in my dill & thyme deviled eggs. Aren’t they pretty!? Baby’s Breath isn’t poisonous (unless you forget to wash it), but people usually pluck them off the eggs before they eat them, which is fine by me.

They’re just there to be pretty, anyway 😉

A marble slate with 5 deviled eggs, garnished with thyme and baby's breath.

I added some stuffed mushrooms to my deviled egg tray too. I make these at almost every party for a simple reason. They’re delicious (first and foremost) but they also make my entire apartment smell unbelievable!

I have never had a guest not say “It smells amazing in here!” the moment they walk in the door. It’s all thanks to these little guys.

A marble slate with stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs in the background.

Even though I love the snowy, Baby’s Breath vibe, I wanted to add a little garden to my coffee table to remind us of warmer days to come.

A tray with bread, carrots, prosciutto, cheese, blackberries and radishes.

I simply covered a serving tray with tin foil, and lined it with arugula. Then I just placed all the treats on top.

A close of prosciutto, cheese, blackberries and radishes on a tray.

I used yellow carrots, radishes, black berries, olives, a Boursin and aged gouda cheese, prosciutto and a steamed artichoke. I always serve my artichokes with a simple mix of balsamic vinegar and mayo.

It’s as good as it gets. I also used a nice roasted red pepper humus for the veggies.

A tray with an artichoke, a bowl with dipping sauce, a bowl with olives, prosciutto, cheese blackberries and radishes.

I added a little lychee juice to prosecco for these lovely cocktails. It’s a perfect cocktail for when you’re running around the kitchen and don’t want to be mixing up anything too complex. People love them and they’re so refreshing.

A closeup of a hand holding a cocktail garnished with a lychee and baby's breath.

A little glamour shot of the Beef Bourguignon I took at last year’s party because I was too busy scarfing this year’s down to snap a picture. 😉

A large pot full of beef bourguignon.

After we gobbled dinner and had a few more cocktails, I flipped my Grand Marnier flans and served them up. The Grand Marnier adds just an essence of orange and it’s so delightful.

A perfect way to make a fancy dessert, EXTRA fancy.

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    Korey harrison
    January 30, 2018 at 11:56 pm

    I tried making the deviled eggs I found here and with little effort they came out fabulously. So good my whole family enjoyed them. Two thumbs way way up!

    • Reply
      Genevieve Morrison
      January 31, 2018 at 12:14 am

      Oh, I’m so happy to hear that!

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