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A Lovely Lady’s Supper Club

October 25, 2019 (Last Updated: October 31, 2020)

I’ve been wanting to start an all-lady’s supper club for a long time where everyone brings something tasty to share, we enjoy beautiful cocktails and take some time to tune into each other’s inspiring company.

Everyone brought something incredible, and I had so much fun making appetizers, cocktails, a delightful Autumn crudités and setting a perfectly pretty sun-flowery Fall dinner table for everyone!

A sunflower in a soup bowl on a set dinner table, decorated with tea lights and small, white pumpkins.

I’ve really been craving female energy lately, and love nothing more than hearing my girlfriends talk about what’s inspiring them, energizing them and what’s making them proud of themselves. I also wanted to hear what’s challenging us and we all wanted the opportunity to lend support and encouragement.

We had lots of laughs and a few tears (well, I have to admit, I was the one crying because I was so grateful to have everyone at my table) and we did it all over amazing food!

A bouquet of Autumn flowers in a pumpkin.

A hand holding an antique fork above a plate full of food with a sunflower and other plates of food in the background.

First, I set the table with tiny white pumpkins and these precious cordial cups to hold my tea lights! I didn’t want to have a big floral centerpiece on the table (the lights were just too pretty in the center) so I placed a sunflower if each soup bowl and swooned!

Tea lights in cordial cups and small white pumpkins on a dinner table.

A sunflower in a soup bowl, on top of a folded napkin, on top of a plate on a table.

My potluck assignments were appetizers, cocktails and crudités. I thought it would be sweet to make a little harvest garden of veggies with a flower box! It was so simple!

A flower box crudités on a table in front of a pumpkin full of flowers.

I stopped by my local farmer’s market and picked up tiny, colorful carrots, 2 colors of wax beans, 3 colors of long bell peppers, yellow squash and purple and yellow cauliflower. I wanted lots of pretty colors on the table!

To add the veggies to the box, I simply used a thick tin foil to make little dividers to hold them tidily in place. I sliced everything nice and thin, then slipped them into the dividers until I had a perfect little garden.

A collage of 4 numbered images showing how to make a flower-box crudités.

I served it with a mild Tzatziki dip: Greek yogurt with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, dill, mint and a little lemon. I knew we’d have lots of bright flavors on the table, so I wanted to keep the dip a little subdued.

I also made one of my favorite appetizers: bruschetta with seared cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, kalamata olives, basil and burrata with little prosciutto roses! I LOVE this bruschetta for parties because it’s so incredible simple to make and so quick to assemble before a party.

7 bruschetta, garnished with prosciutto roses on a wooden board and a flower-box crudités in front of a pumpkin.

3 bruschetta, garnished with prosciutto roses on a wooden board.

The party was on a Sunday night, so I didn’t want to mix cocktails that were tooooo strong (I also didn’t want to be mixing cocktails at all), so I pre-mixed a lovely, always-adored lychee martini with sake. I also added a little splash of ginger lemonade and prosecco to dress it up even more. If you’re wondering where you can find lychees and lychee juice, just take a stop to your food store’s canned fruit isle!

A cocktail, garnished with a lychee and small daisy, on a set dinner table with sunflowers, glasses and candles.

Sake, bottles of pre-mixed cocktails, a bottle of ginger lemonade and an open can of lychees on a table.

Since I had lots of left over cauliflower from my crudités, and didn’t want it to go to waste, I cheddar roasted it! A few sprinkles of Old Bay seasoning, chili pepper, garlic powder and fresh pepper with a VERY nice sprinkling of shredded sharp white cheddar makes the tastiest, low carb, keto-friendly side-dish!

A plate of roasted, cheddar cauliflower.

The rest of the dinner was perfectly exquisite! My friend Lizzy brought a roasted tomato soup with potato, garlic, cauliflower, rosemary, thyme and cinnamon, and Ali brought a cheesy, parmesan, truffle risotto with mushrooms, spinach and onion!

A large bowl of risotto with a serving spoon.

A large bowl of risotto.

Jenna brought beautiful stuffed mushrooms, and Mallory brought an Autumn salad with apples, walnuts and goat cheese, with a divine maple vinaigrette!

A plate of stuffed mushrooms on a table with an old, lace tablecloth.

A large bowl of salad with apples, sprinkled with cheese.

Cara brought an incredibly flavorful pesto, shrimp pasta and Lauren made a pillowy soft pumpkin bread with fresh clotted cream! And, oh goodness, Anna brought her burnt basque cheesecake with raspberry compote, and I’m pretty sure we all had seconds, except me. I had 3 pieces.

A sliced loaf of pumpkin bread on a plate.

A sliced loaf of pumpkin bread on a plate.

A spoon pouring raspberry sauce on a slice of cheesecake on a glass plate, on a lace tablecloth, beside a cake stand.

I was delighted with how the whole night went. There are few things more wonderful than lady’s nights. Especially when the lady’s are incredible cooks, and incredible ladies. I can’t wait to do this again!

A dinner table set with tea lights, small white pumpkins, glassware and soup bowls with sunflowers inside.

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