A Beautiful Labor Day Picnic

September 6, 2019 (Last Updated: October 31, 2020)

I had such a fun Labor Day picnic! I made lots of treats, and played badminton all day! I made dill chicken salad sandwiches wrapped with pretty yellow and white string, pesto pasta salad with summer corn, golden cherry tomatoes and fancy olives in pretty jars and, of course, deviled eggs!

Here are a few picnic ideas for your next day in the park!

A 2 tiered plate with fruits, vegetables, cheese and bread, placed on a picnic basket, beside a jar of daisies on grass.

I always bring a number of snacks for my picnics, but I also like to have a fancy snack tier with cheese, veggies and fruits. It’s nice to have a little area where guests can just graze all day.

I thought it would be pretty to roll my goat cheese in dry edible flowers! They’re easier to find than you might think! I got mine on Amazon and simply sprinkled a few on a cutting board and rolled the goat cheese gently to give it that pretty look.

An assortment of fruits and flower-covered cheese on a plate.

For my “main course” I made delicious dill chicken salad sandwiches with sprouts. I wanted to serve them in a pretty way, so I assembled them, wrapped them in cellophane and parchment, then I simply tied them with yellow and white baker’s string. It was such a simple way to make chicken salad sandwiches pretty!

2 images. On the left, showing a sandwich with sprouts on paper, on the right, a sandwich wrapped in paper, tied with string.A bowl of chicken salad, topped with dill.
For my side dish, I made an out-of-this-world pesto pasta salad with heavenly fresh ingredients. I didn’t want anyone to eat off their laps, so I spooned the pasta salad into jars, covered the tops with tin foil (jar lids tend to get lost at picnics) and covered the tops with pretty yellow fabric!

I simply cut squares from 3 different kinds of fabric, placed a rubber band around the top, then tied them with string. I trimmed the edges off the fabric and voila! The prettiest little pasta salads in the park!

2 images. On the left, showing cut fabric squares, on the right, showing pasta salads in jars with fabric tops.A bowl of pesto pasta salad with corn, olives, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella.Fabric-topped pasta salad jars and small wrapped sandwiches in a tray on grass, next to a bouquet of marigolds.

I also couldn’t resist making deviled eggs. These were traditional deviled eggs topped with McClure’s spicy pickle juice-soaked caviar!

A hand garnishing deviled eggs with flowers on a wooden tray.A hand holding a deviled egg garnished with caviar and a flower.

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend too!

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