How to Make Acorn Christmas Ornaments

- Katherine B.


"All the rich colors are so warm and inviting! Love these!"

1. acorns 2. hot glue gun 3. clear elastic chord 4. metallic paints 5. small, flat paintbrush


I used thin, clear elastic chord. You can certainly use string, but I just like that they're clear and disappear a bit into the Christmas tree.

I used a mix of lovely, water-soluble metallics by Folk Art, Bella and Deco Art. Martha Stuart also has some lovely metallics that are nice and bright.

I used a #6 shader brush with a nice, flat edge which helps to get the paint cleanly under the acorn cap.

First, make sure you’ve allowed your acorns to dry for a week in an open container in a dry place. Once ready, simply paint each acorn, avoiding the cap.


Give each acorn 4 coats each to make them nice and bright. Balancing them on their caps makes it easy to prevent the paint from smudging.


Make a loop and tie it in a knot in the chord.


Add a single dot of glue to your acorn caps. Gently (and carefully) hold your chord or string to the glue for about 5-10 seconds. That’s all there is to it!