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Prosecco Perfection

Prosecco is a dry, semi-sparkling, crisp and inviting wine that is appropriate for any kind of party.

A glass of bubbly prosecco with a small fork piercing a blackberry for garnish with white flowers at its base on a black table.

I love to drink it while I’m cooking. I love it after a long day. I love it while binge watching Netflix shows. Prosecco just so refreshing! It’s delicious on its own, but with only a little splash of St. Germain, Chambord, Grand Mariner or Sorel, you can create a very exciting cocktail!

A closeup of flowers at the base of a prosecco glass on a black table

Considering it can only be produced in a few small areas of Italy, it’s surprising that it’s so easy to find. If you’re going to give it a garnish, I suggest a blackberry, raspberry or something simple that doesn’t compete with the delicate flavor.

A closeup of a blackberry pierced with a small fork balanced on a prosecco glass

It’s not quite as striking a flavor as Champagne, but it can be sweet or dry. It generally has notes of apple, pear, citrus and flowers, even when it’s dry. Not too acidic, not too overly fruity. It’s smooth and delicate, making it perfect for a cocktail party.

A bowl of blackberries in a white bowl with a few flowers on a black table.

Even when I make a signature cocktail or two for a party,  I’ll always request that guests bring a bottle of prosecco along. Not everyone likes white wine, not everyone likes red, but EVERYONE likes prosecco.


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