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Decorating with Beautiful Dry Flowers

Decorating with dry flowers is so easy, and such a wonderful (long lasting) way to beautify your entire home for Spring!

A porcelain tea kettle full of dry flowers on amantle next to smaller vases with dry flowers.

I get all of my dry flowers at the Union Square Farmer’s Market in New York. There’s a stand with the most beautiful and fresh flower bouquets you have ever seen! They’re called The River Garden.

If you would like to try drying your own, a few that dry very nicely are roses, hydrangea, mist nigella, baby’s breath, lavender, thistle, cockscomb, yarrow and larkspur. Scope out your local farmer’s market or your local Brooklyn bodega flower shop and see what you find!

A clock on a mantle next to different vases like saucers, porcelain pitchers and glass holding different kinds of dry flowers.

Dry flowers will stay pretty for up to a year, so I make a trip to Union Square each Spring and grab bunches of them. It’s fun to put dry flowers in “vases” that are unexpected, like old tea kettles or pretty old gravy boats! I like using porcelain, glass and metal to hold the flowers.

Milk glass, clear glass and different shaped vases look so pretty together. You can even use tiny vintage egg cups for baby’s breath for little accents!

You can find all kinds of little vases, creamers, tea pots, and saucers at second hand shops. It’s nice to combine glass with metal and even wood. Varying your “vases” really adds more dimension to your design.

A closeup of purple, yellow and white dry flowers. A closeup of dry lavender flowers.

Lavender is one of my favorite dry flowers to decorate with. It’s beautiful and smells divine for weeks! You can reinvigorate lavender by gently pinching on the flowers if their fragrance has diminished over time.

A closeup of red, yellow, white and purple dry flowers.

This is Cockscomb. Isn’t it wild? Such a fascinating flower to decorate with!

A closeup of wispy, pink and white dry flowers. A closeup of purple, pink and white fluffy flowers in a white vase. A white, picture frame with a 1940's photo of a married couple next to a vase of dry flowers.

I thought I’d add my Grandma and Grandad to my flower mantle. This photo makes me so happy. Although they’re no longer with me, just looking at this reminds me of their laugher.

A small buddhist alter with a statue of the buddha surrounds by flowers, a chime, and a small book.

I also thought it might be nice to give my Buddha some new flowers too! If you want tips on how to create a lovely meditation space, here’s my little how-to. After all, keeping a lovely home means keeping a lovely mind 😉

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