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Meditation Sounds to Calm the Mind

Peace is an inside job and mindfulness can be a bit tricky to achieve in a silent room when your thoughts are extra loud. Using meditation sounds like bells, waves, or rain can calm the mind and give it a steady, gentle stimulus to hold on to while your thoughts chatter away.

These are a few of my favorite meditation sounds to help me turn mindfully inward, and quiet my busy thoughts.

Inner chaos tends to extend itself into our living spaces through clutter and unfinished projects.

When we’re feeling more peaceful, we find the energy to make our bed every morning, to do the dishes before we go to sleep, to de-clutter and beautify. Meditation is such a great way to de-clutter the mind and bring some order to our inner chaos.

Some people prefer to meditate in silence, but personally, I need a little sound. My mind tends to try to fill silence with chatter, so a gentle sound in the background does the trick. These are the sounds I like to listen to.

 The Japanese Maple Garden

I mixed together a number of sounds to help myself recreate the feeling of one of my happiest memories. When I was young, I walked through a Japanese Maple garden with a little babbling brook, the sound of traditional music nearby and the smell of chocolate filling the air.

Yes, Chocolate! The mulch in the garden was made with cocoa beans. This is the sound of one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever been.

The Quiet Beach

There’s nothing more calming and serene than a sunrise beach. I added sounds of seabirds to a gentle ocean to create this perfect beachscape. It helps me sleep if I have insomnia, and sometimes I just put it on when I get home from work to quiet my mind

Glass Tones

When I want to just practice mindfulness, with as little creative visualization as possible, I like to listen to this. I recorded myself running my fingers around glass to make this deeply peaceful sound.

Sometimes I use it for mantra chanting, and sometimes I just like to have it on when I get home from a particularly stressful day.

If you would like to listen to guided meditations with these sounds, I’ve created a page just for you. 

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