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A Fancy Fondue Cocktail Party in 6 Steps

December 30, 2016 (Last Updated: June 1, 2018)

Here’s how to mix up a glamorously, dazzlingly simple fondue cocktail party with a twirl and a swirl of cheesy, dreamy romance!

I was able to put together this entire cocktail party with only 6 hours to prep, cook and display all of the appetizers, fondue and cocktails, so even though it might look quite fancy, it’s definitely a simple-to-moderate skill level party to put together.

You just have to have the right tools and ingredients.

A plate of grilled vegetables and cut baguette.On the menu! Gruyere and Swiss fondue with mixed roasted veggies, bread and sliced hard salami, as well as deviled eggs with fresh dill and pink peppercorns and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

I also made two cocktails: a whisky-spiked apple cider and cold mulled wine punch (recipe below). You can serve the wine hot or cold. I chose to serve it cold because I had the hot cider as well.

A copper top fondue pot with 6 skewers set inside on a black table.You’ll need a fantastic double boiler fondue pot and long forks, a large serving plate to display your veggies, meat and bread, a board for your deviled eggs and a board for your prosciutto-wrapped asparagus.

You’ll also require a crockpot for your hot cider and a punch bowl for your mulled wine.

Step 1! Boil your eggs and cook your asparagus!

Your deviled eggs will take 30 minutes to boil and your asparagus will take only a few minutes to brown in the pan.

Both will need to cool before you turn them into tasty little masterpieces so when they’re done, place them in the fridge to cool down for at least an hour or 2 before you mix your egg filling and wrap the asparagus.

Step 2! Make your mulled wine punch!

A glass of mulled wine garnished with a blackberry pierced by a tiny fork and cinnamon stick, beside a fondue pot, in front of 2 glasses. on a black table.

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Mulled Wine Punch

You can serve this tasty punch hot or cold like a Sangria!
Prep Time2 hrs
Cook Time15 mins
Cooling Time2 hrs
Total Time2 hrs 15 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Spanish
Keyword: christmas
Servings: 3 Quarts (1 large punch bowl)
Calories: 349kcal


  • 3 bottles dry red wine
  • 1 cup white rum
  • 2 cups Pomegranate or cranberry juice
  • 1 tsp. whole cloves - in a tea egg
  • 6 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 tsp. star anise
  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 1 orange - sliced
  • 1 lemon - sliced


  • Pour 1 bottle of wine into a pot and add the clove egg, cinnamon sticks, star anise and honey. Simmer on low for 15 minutes, mixing occasionally. The spices will make the flavor very concentrated.
  • Once done, pour into a pitcher and refrigerate, along with your other 2 bottles of wine for at least 2 hours – then, when you’re ready to serve at your party, pour into your punch bowl with the juice, rum, and 2 other bottles of wine.
  • Add sliced oranges and lemons to your bowl.


Calories: 349kcal | Carbohydrates: 44g | Protein: 1g | Sodium: 11mg | Potassium: 250mg | Fiber: 6g | Sugar: 33g | Vitamin A: 115IU | Vitamin C: 40.5mg | Calcium: 120mg | Iron: 2.1mg

Step 3! Roast your veggies!

I used cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, bread and sliced hard salami for my fondue, but you can use all kinds of tasty things like carrots, brussels sprouts, apples, tomatoes… anything small enough to be dipped and devoured! First, I drizzled everything in olive oil, and roasted the mushrooms at 375 for 15 minutes, then took them out, drained the juice and set them aside.

I then roasted the potatoes at 400 for 20 minutes, then lowered the temperature back to 375 and added all the other veggies (as well as the half-cooked mushrooms) to the potatoes and cooked them all for 25 more minutes so they all roasted perfectly together. Cover them with foil and set on top of the oven. You’ll want to place them in the oven at 250 degrees about 20 minutes before your guests arrive to keep them warm.

Red potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms on a curating board.A plate of grilled vegetables and cut baguette.Step 4! Roll your asparagus and whip up your deviled eggs!

Roll your cooled asparagus in prosciutto and fill your deviled eggs about an hour and a half before your party. Roll the asparagus first. It can take about 15- 20 minutes if you want to make them extra pretty.

Then mix and fill your deviled eggs. Decorate them and set them in the fridge until your guests arrive. You’ll find the full recipe in Step 1. I added little pink peppercorns to these little dill deviled eggs to make them seasonally precious.

12 deviled eggs garnished with pink peppercorns and fresh dill, sitting on a marble slate.Prosciutto- wrapped asparagus stacked on a wooden cheese board on a black table.Step 5! Make the fondue!

I used this recipe here. Grate your cheese and place it in your fondue pot over a medium heat. Add your cup of white wine and your kirsch (I used cognac as a substitute), then allow it to slowly melt until perfectly mixed. Stir often.

A closeup of a fondue pot full of melted cheese.Step 6! Heat up your cider and pour your punch!

While you’re fondue is heating up, heat a quart of cider in a pot with a few cinnamon sticks and orange slices, as well as half a bottle of whisky for about 10 minutes. Transfer to a crock pot once heated.

Remove your cooled mulled wine and pour into your punch bowl with the other 2 bottles of wine, juice and rum. Add a few slices of orange to the bowl and/or place black berries on the side.

Hands holding a mug of hot cider garnished with star anise and a lemon slice.A closeup of a tea cup full of blackberries on a counter top next to a blue pot.A long shot showing deviled eggs on a marble slate in front of a pile of sliced baguette in front of a fondue pot with a brick background.

For more inspiration, follow me on instagram @shekeepsalovelyhome and pinterest! And if you ever make any of my tasty drinks or treats, take a picture and tag me. I want to see! 

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