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5 Tips to Create a Lovely Bathroom

There are many ways to make a bathroom a peaceful, calming place. Here are 5 easy ways to make yours a a little more lovely.

A shot of a white bathroom with a plant hanging in the window.

In my apartment, my tiny bathroom is my sanctuary (and yes, those are pictures of kitten paws on my walls). I take a bath almost every night and it’s such a beautiful place to start my morning routine. Here are a few tips to turn your bathroom into a lovely, peaceful place.

Add Plants and Flowers

Adding a little greenery to a clean bathroom makes it feel even more clean and fresh. I wanted a stainless steel planter for this sweet little ivy, but I could only find ones that were really expensive.

So I made this little hanging planter from a bowl I got at IKEA, and 4 chains. It turned out so sweetly!

An ivy plant in a round base hanging in a window next to 2 pictures frames.

White as Your Color Base

Color in the bathroom can be fun, but for me personally, white surfaces are so calming and feel clean.

If you have a white bathroom, or can paint your walls white, it may seem boring, but with the right design touches in the room, and a delicate color for your towels like sage, powder blue, light lavender or pale peach, you can really turn your bathroom into such a peaceful place.

A rubber ducky next to a soap dispenser

Tiny, Peaceful Details

Even if you have a small bathroom, as long as it’s not cluttered with products, hair dryers or shavers, you can add the sweetest touches to inspire peace and relaxation.

A bouquet of dry or fresh flowers, hanging plants, photography and figures that inspire relaxation or inspiration can add so much to a simple, clean bathroom. 

A shelf containing a Buddha statue, a vase of flowers, a bowl of flowers and a few small containers.

A Little Candle Light

Another very important aspect of a peaceful bathroom is light. Make sure your lightbulbs flatter you, and if you have space, add a few candles. Lighting a few candles while I take a bath completely transforms the space into a cathedral of peace.

flower shaped candle holders next to a bowl of dry flowers.

Healthy Products

Get rid of those highly scented, formaldehyde-spiked products. They’re bad for your skin, they’re bad for your hair – and just like you are what you eat, you are what you moisturize with.

I’m not saying go on a shopping spree at Goop, but try to find products with as little fragrances, dyes, and harmful chemicals for both your body and the environment as possible. The products you use contribute to the overall peacefulness of your space, as well as your health and life.

a bar of white soap on a clear soap holder.

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